Founded in 2005, we are a privately-held specialty coffee roaster located within the historic Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, and Essen metropolitan region. For our retail and wholesale customers throughout Europe, we specialize in hand-roasting extraordinary quality coffees - all carefully curated by our roastmaster - from select coffee producers located around the world. Because we strongly believe in supporting farmers' production of quality green coffees, whenever possible we work directly with them to discover all of the quality-determining factors (such as elevation, cultivar, preparation method, etc.) before we commit to purchasing their coffees. We proudly share this information with you, our customer, because it's our desire to offer 100% transparency from the farmers' trees all the way to your cup!


Because access to great coffee underlies our success, we source our coffees directly from the farmer or use traders that share our philosophy of quality and fairness. Quality coffee - like anything else - costs more to produce than mediocre coffee, so we attach great importance to always paying our farmers very fair and above-market rates for their coffees.


Sustainability is very meaningful for us, both in adherence to progressive social and environmental standards, but also in long-term business relationships with suppliers and customers. As a certified member of the German Roasters Guild, we contribute to developing and are committed to following the strict standards of our profession.

Owner and roastmaster Uwe Liebergall is an internationally recognized coffee expert and frequent member of international cupping juries for the famous "Cup of Excellence". The "Cup of Excellence" is as important for the coffee industry as the "Oscars" are for the film industry. This program discovers and honors a producing country's handful of best coffees from their annual harvest. Traveling across the world several times a year to different COE competitions, Uwe is one of a small number of international judges with the right combination of coffee knowledge and tasting skills required. As a result of his travels and reputation as a talented coffee cognoscenti, Uwe personally knows almost all coffee farmers who grow his coffees.

Co-owner Alexandra Liebergall is responsible for all customer-facing portions of the business, including managing the customer service team. With many years of professional experience in the field of wholesale and retail gastronomy, Alexandra's passion about coffee and business skills dovetail perfectly with husband Uwe's.  All matters or questions concerning customer orders, product information, or accounting are under her control. She is also responsible for managing Kult-Kaffee's coffeehouse, located in an amazingly renovated century-old train station in the beautiful town of Heiligenhaus, between Düsseldorf and Essen.